A successful influencer strategy: how do you start?

Everyone is talking about Instagram influencers nowadays. But if you have never worked with influencers, it can be difficult to know where to start. When does an influencer campaign suit your brand and organization? What are the most important questions to ask? And how can you apply influencer marketing to the existing strategies?

Before you begin promoting your brand paying Instagrammers to get the word out, make sure you read about building a brand online – 4 strategies that will help establish your business. Generally speaking, a good influencer marketing campaign starts with a perfect match and ends with useful analytics, with which you can measure success.  There are great influencers in virtually every niche, so with the right information, good research and a well-considered strategy, influencer marketing can be of use to any organization.

1. Does the influencer campaign match your brand?

Perhaps you think of the term ‘Instagram influencers’ mainly for fashion bloggers or vloggers… But the reality is that influencers represent a huge and diverse group of people who use social media to share stories with their audience about topics that interest them. So-called “content creators”. Influencers are important ambassadors for your brand if your strategy works well. Do not “use” them, just because it is a trend or because you hear everyone talking about it. Try and sense the needs of your company and the unique benefits of collaborations.

Public and trust

One of these benefits is the ready-made public that Instagram influencers have gathered during their online careers. Another advantage is the trust consumers have in their favorite bloggers. We know that consumers are often resistant to traditional advertisements. But as long as the content created for the collaboration is authentic and creative, you can be sure that your message will be delivered in a way that really impresses.

Are you looking for a more personal way to connect with your audience? Maybe you want to branch out and reach consumers who rarely engage with your brand or create a new brand image? In any case, there is most likely an effective way to integrate bloggers into your marketing strategy.

2. How does a collaboration with influencers fit into the strategy?

Maybe you think you do not have a budget, or that you can not think of a good concept. In this case, you just need the right influencer! The great thing about influencers is how diverse and flexible they are. There is almost always a way to fit a collaboration into your existing strategy. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can search for micro influencers or larger content creators. Discuss what kind of content they can create. Influencer campaigns are tailor-made. You can use the creativity of the influencer to build an appropriate collaboration.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to influencers, so be creative and do not be afraid to ask input from your future ambassadors!

3. Ensure the perfect match between the Instagrammer and brand

One of the most important steps for recording an influencer campaign is (not surprisingly): finding influencers. Many organizations logically tend to choose influencers with the largest communities. But first, determine the purpose of your campaign before making a choice. Do you want more visibility or more interaction?

If an influencer is really interested in a certain subject or brand, you have a recipe for a powerful collaboration.

A large community does not automatically go hand in hand with more engagement and interaction. Consider, for example, the range and how well an influencer fits your target group. If you aim to build a good relationship with your followers and position your brand and product in the right market, then you need a reliable influencer. Preferably someone who uses your product or service in an authentic way. Investigate the commitment to an influencer’s posts to avoid fake followers. If an influencer has many followers and little commitment, the followers are often fake. Also check out the interests of your chosen influencer.

4. Provide a solid strategy for approaching influencers

The way you approach an influencer is always different. Once you have chosen, do not forget to do your homework properly. Before you approach them, you need to know who you are working with, why you want to work with them and what you ask of them.

Every influencer approaches collaborations differently. Some work with agents, while some arrange everything via dm’s on Instagram. Once you have approached the influencer you have chosen, you need to be flexible in setting up your collaboration. Discuss each step with the influencer and his or her team (if applicable) and make sure you treat this as a professional collaboration.

Do not forget to look at all the relevant figures (reach, engagement, followers) and also at the history and customs of the person you want to approach. Investigate what kind of collaborations the influencer has already done, what content they usually post and how their audience usually responds to the messages.


You should also never assume that you can use free products or ‘exposure’ in exchange for actual payment. Some people – especially micro-influencers – may be open to collaborations in exchange for free products. But if someone’s career and a full-time job is content creation, it is actually a bit rough to assume that you do not have to pay them.

5. Provide clear KPIs

Once you’ve started your collaboration, it’s time to set clear goals. A successful campaign needs clear KPIs. Logical, because without goals you do not know when you are really successful.

To determine KPIs, discuss internally and with the influencer what exactly you want to achieve with the collaboration. Do you want to increase your own reach on social media? Then, for example, measure the range of all content you make with the influencer. Do you want multiple people to leave comments, or share content? Then look at the engagement figures.

Term of the campaign

You also need to determine the term of your campaign. Will it be a continuous collaboration or is it a one-off item in exchange for a fixed amount? In any case, you should know what you hope to achieve at the end of the collaboration. And if this is ongoing, you have to make a decision about the important moments to measure your KPIs.

The most important thing is that your goals are realistic. Make sure that you manage the expectations internally well, and discuss with the influencer what is feasible in the area of the chosen KPIs. Use all the data available to measure your successes and determine what the KPIs should be for the next campaign.

And now, how do you start?

Now that you’ve read the tips above, you can get started with the following steps:

    • Determine whether – and possibly how – an influencer collaboration applies to your organization. Look at your own needs and the benefits of influencer marketing.
      Look at your budget and current marketing goals to see how an influencer campaign fits into existing strategies.
    • Do your homework to find the perfect influencer for your organization.
      Develop a tailor-made strategy to approach the influencers of your choice and start defining your campaign.
    • Set up clear KPIs. Go into conversation with your leader people and influencers to get them as clear as possible.

Hopefully, you can get started right away with these steps. Do you have any questions? Ask them via the reaction option below!


Outdoor Photography Tips for When You’re on the Road in Oregon

Oregon is a great place to take pictures. There are so many wonderful opportunities to get that perfect shot, especially if you hit the road in an RV. It allows you to completely immerse yourself in your craft, enabling you to get the kinds of pictures you just can’t seem to get when you’re back at home.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get good pictures. In order to boost your chances of getting that perfect shot, make sure you follow these tips when you’re on the road in Oregon.

    1. Know Where to Go

It’s true that you can find great shots anywhere you go, but you can greatly increase your chances of getting the perfect picture if you know where to go to get it.

There are a lot of great locations in Oregon that are worth a stop. A few ideas include:

  • Sweet Creek Falls
  • Thor’s Well
  • Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint
  • Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor
  • The Oregon Caves
  • Oneonta Gorge
  • Crater Lake National Park
  • Trillium Lake
    1. Don’t Forget About the City

When you think of taking photographs in Oregon, outdoor locales come to mind. It’s true that there’s no shortage of scenic beauty in Oregon, but you shouldn’t forget about the city!

Taking photos of the city is a lot different than taking photos of natural spaces, but they are tricks worth learning. Especially since cities like Portland, Salem, and Eugene contain many great photographic opportunities.

One of the best things about taking pictures in the city compared to taking pictures out in the woods is that it’s a lot easier to take pictures at night. Many of the most striking city photographs are taken after the sun goes down and the city lights are allowed to shine.

    1. Don’t Shy Away from the Weather

Beginning photographers are always looking for clear, sunny weather when it’s time to take photos. More experienced photographers know the best shots come under some of the worst conditions.

Don’t think you have to be stuck in the RV when it starts raining. Make sure you protect your camera, but don’t be afraid to head outside and catch the rain glistening on the leaves.

Snow isn’t common in Oregon, and when it does snow, it doesn’t stick around. That can provide photographers with some great opportunities to catch waterfalls, fields, and the city in unique ways, even if it does mean you have to bundle up to get the shot.

    1. Become a Morning Lark or a Night Owl

The easiest time to take photographs is during the day. Unfortunately, just because that’s the easiest time doesn’t mean it’s the best time.

When it comes to natural lighting, you simply can’t beat the early morning when the sun is rising or the early evening when the sun is setting. If you want to get the best shot, plan to get up early in the morning or stay up late to get it.

You don’t have to pick one over the other either. If your RV trip is all about getting the best photos, consider getting up early in the morning, taking a nap in the afternoon, and heading back out in the evening.

If you get lucky, and the sky is overcast or cloudy, you may be able to get some great shots during the day. Taking photographs in the shade is also an option if you don’t want to waste your entire day waiting for that perfect evening light.

    1. Add Interesting Elements to Your Shots

May photographers like to allow nature’s beauty to shine through in photographs. That’s great, but why not have a little fun with your shots?

That can mean something as simple as taking a picture from a different point of view by laying on the ground or using an extension arm. You can even ask people to get in the shot.

Don’t be afraid to be a little quirky with your photographs! For example, one photographer adds plastic dinosaurs to his shots. Some look like the photographer jumped in a time machine to get the shot, while others, like the shot of the dinosaurs looking out the airplane window, are just plain silly!

It’s true that great photography takes plenty of practice, but knowing a few tricks of the trade can help too. The next time you find yourself on the road in Oregon, boost your chances of getting that perfect shot by following the tips on this list.


Download Spring Garden Watercolor Collection

Spring Garden Watercolor Collection – There are 120 different hands painted floral element such as flowers, leaves, branches, combine them in flower compositions to add some unique touch for your print template or design, the possibilities are mostly endless! Also you will find 26 pre-made PNG scenes – floral corners, wreaths, frames that can be a great addition and final touch for cards, invitations, posters & more. Inside this pack, you will find great bonus files for you! 12 beautiful watercolor spring scenes, fully hand painted! All of the elements, compositions and artworks are super high resolution, up to 14000 pixels!

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Desk – Awesome Scene Generator from Gfxstacks


159 Outdoor Advertising Mockups – from Gfxstacks


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Download 63 Artistic Actions to Level Up Your Photoshop Game

If you’re looking for a ton of unique and creative effects this bundle is just the thing you’re looking for. These actions will help you create amazing effects like an expert (see this article for more) in a couple of minutes. The Photoshop Actions that will add professional Fire, Smoke, Light, Glitch, Space and Art effects to your photos. Create the graphical creative effects the easy way!

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Fantastic Mock Up Scene Creator with 1750+ Items To Choose From

We are excited to let our readers know about the fantastic ongoin sale of our favorite MokeUp Scene generator. This brand new Scene Generator, designed to boost your creative potential and make your work presentations look fresh and impressive. Showcase your projects in a new way, create stunning hero images for your web projects with ease. Create your own scenes: branding, header & hero image, flat lay (knolling). Save a lot of time and money as you can create a different type of scenes with the same files. Many advanced features allow you to create with endless possibilities.

Please view bellow some of the items included:


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Use it for your Etsy presentation, Header images, Product mockups, Poster frame presentations, Environment designs, Website previews, etc.

A great way for any creative person to show off their work. You can create your own fully customizable desk environment where you can display your own, or your clients work. You basically have endless ways to style it.

All items have been cleaned up, hand traced with pen tool, and layered in a very nice order. All shadows are in separate layers.



  • All items can easily be moved around as you like.
  • All devices and posters uses Photoshop Smart Objects.
  • Desk sides are draggable so you can resize the desk surface as you please.
  • 7 different desk surfaces for the desk is included.
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Please note that…

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